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Therapeutic Medical Applications:


"I have used Low Intensity Laser Therapy for 20 years and believe it to be the most effective weapon in the physiotherapy armoury"

  Margaret Parkinson MCSP


"I have been using the Omega Clinic Laser System since 2008.  I had researched and tried out various other systems before buying the Omega System. This one, by no means the cheapest, offered, in my opinion, the best versatility of options for clinical application. 

I use the 820nm with 5 heads, a single 820nm and a cluster.  I also use the visual trigger point finder.

It delivers stunning results for a variety of conditions i.e. trigger point therapy for pain, disc problems, arthritis (especially great for knees) and post op care for hip and knee surgery. 

I have great confidence in the Omega System and recommend it whole heartedly as an adjunct to adjusting care in any office.The patients love it when it helps them feel better. As well as the clinical excellence offered by Omega, their after sales, in my experience, is superb.  Jessica and the team are first class and will help with any questions quickly and efficiently. 

  Peter Ellison, Chiropractor


"I have used a laser in my practice for over 10 years, and The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain has been using the Omega Laser since the clinic opened in 1996. We find the laser very effective in treating pain in the musculoskeletal system; especially when there is no evidence of injury or inflammation. This type of pain is frequently caused by a malfunction in the peripheral nervous system, which diminishes the trophic input through the nerve. The laser can help by stimulating the painful area and releasing contractures. This laser is in fact a useful form of stimulation-induced analgesia.

We also use the laser to prevent pain; for example laser applied before acupuncture or dry needling can reduce the needle pain. Taking the manufacturer's recommended precautions we have found the laser to be entirely safe."

  Dr. C. Chan Gunn - Clinical Professor


"I have been using Omega Low Level Laser equipment for over two years. During this period I have been impressed by the result this therapy gives. I am now able to treat a whole range of chronic and acute conditions that I would not previously have been able to treat with any current modalities. In addition to treating painful traumatic or functional problems, the results in the field of wound healing are truly impressive. I would never give up the LLLT equipment."

  Laurence Trister - Podiatrist


"It has been my experience that the use of laser therapy alongside my own techniques adds a new dimension to my clinic, has facilitated and enhanced the therapeutic effect of myofascia release and has shown remarkable benefits in the treatment of pain."

  Dr Tony Wahba, Specialist in Pain, Eastbourne UK


"I have been using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with good effect for treating verrucae (warts), trigger point pain, sports and soft tissue injuries, reloma durum with fibrous tissue involvements and post nail surgery."

  Pat Turnball - Podiatrist, Cheshire UK (recently emigrated to Australia)


"I have found low level laser therapy to be effective for the treatment of psoriasis when all traditional treatments have failed."

  Howard Carr, Functional Medical Practitioner


“I introduced laser into my practice in 1989 and continue to be amazed at the results.”

  Beverley Ashdown, Ashdown Clinic - A multi disciplinary practice


“As a PE teacher I was really concerned when a hospital X-ray indicated that I had sustained ligament damage and a chipped bone in my ankle. I started laser treatment on my injury within 24 hours of it happening, and noticed a discernible difference within 2 days. When I returned to the Accident and Emergency recall surgery 10 days later, the doctor was really impressed at the recovery I had made. I played volley-ball at an International level, and physical health is still crucial to my career. I would say that the laser treatment reduced my expected healing time at least by half and although I hope I never get a debilitating injury ever again, if I do, I will be phoning the Ashdown Clinic”

  Jean McLeod, Glasgow, Ashdown Clinic patient


“After having months of treatment for various leg ulcers from my doctors and nurses, they were not responding. I was referred to Ashdown Clinic, where I received laser treatment. This was successful, and the ulcers were completely healed.”

  Mr Storey, Hertfordshire, Ashdown Clinic patient

“As an active sportsman, I have appreciated the benefits of early laser treatment to quicken the healing of sprains, strains and other injuries I have suffered. It was so good to feel the tingle on the skin and the warm glow spreading throughout the site of the injury, bring within it the relief from pain and the tremendous psychological uplift of knowing that the rapid promotion of healing would enable me to return to my sports as quickly as possible. I have not suffered any long term aches and pains, and I am extremely grateful to the Ashdown Clinic for introducing me to this treatment.”

  Neil Herrington, Hertfordshire, Ashdown Clinic patient


“My knee was giving me trouble for about a year, I was contemplating surgery. Cortisone failed, laser worked.”

  Dr Pullon, Hertfordshire (Retired GP & Ashdown Clinic patient)


“From the healing point of view, excellent!”

  Eileen Adams, London, Ashdown Clinic patient


“I have been experiencing Achilles tendon problems, which affected my running for over 10 years, and had received various different treatments during this period; with limited success, however after an intensive series of laser treatments the thickening of the tendons had gone completely as have the "sore spots". I have had no further recurrence of the problem and have been able to train normally (well as much as bringing up a 4 year old will allow)”

  Glenn Reader, Hertfordshire, Ashdown Clinic patient


Veterinary Applications:


"Laser has enhanced my practice by allowing me to offer an aseptic, painless and non-invasive alternative to conventional acupuncture needles for animal treatment - I would not be without it."

  Janet Lloyd-Jones, MBAcC MBMLA


"...With the Diana monkey we used it right from the beginning and the results were dramatic. The original wound was the traumatic amputation of a thumb and part of the fat and soft tissue surrounding the thumb.  After the first manuka honey dressing change there was necrosis and sloughing of tissue but after that we started using the laser in conjunction with the manuka dressings and the speed of healing was dramatic and the scar production minimal. It enabled us to carry our relatively few dressing changes and the monkey to gain good use of its hand with no tendon contraction. The laser's been a fantastic help."

  Ghislaine Sayers, Head of Veterinary Services, Paignton Zoo UK


" I use my laser more than any other piece of electrotherapy equipment.  There are so many horses and treatments I could talk about but they would take me a week!  For example, a couple of horses had each sustained very bad injuries to their hoof wall and working with the farrier in our yard, who recognised that the laser made all the difference to the hoof quality, we gave 2 to 3 laser treatments a week over an extended period of time. This has made a real difference to both and for one in particular, whose injury was so severe that he was used as an injury study for vet students in the early days whilst at Newmarket Equine Hospital, and we feel would have been euthanized as the foot was cut in half.   We are pleased that even though it has taken so far 10 months his front foot is reforming, though somewhat smaller than the other. There are other measures and treatments being given to this horse to maintain health and balance but there is no doubt the laser made a massive contribution to the success of the foot reforming."


Angie O'Brien, Shadwell Stud, Norfolk UK


"The Omega XP mobile unit has significantly enhanced the service I can give to clients and the treatments I can offer.  The unit is perfect to use in the field.  I have had very good results with issues ranging from hoof abscesses, splint reduction, ligament and tendon injury, to wound repair, in which case the laser provides simply excellent results.  Laser therapy is now fully incorporated in to my work as a physical therapist, as it is an excellent adjunct to chiropractic and physiotherapeutic techniques for musculoskeletal problems.  I have been extremely impressed with the very thorough support and aftersales care given by Omega - very reassuring when incorporating a new electrotherapy modality."


Helen Tompkins McTimoney Therapist



"I am really impressed at the level of improvement the laser is having on a serious bowed and damaged tendon with one of the horses."

  John Lennon, Racehorse Trainer, Co. Wicklow, Eire.


"At a horse show the horses of my daughter and one of my students were given an overdose of steroids in the middle of the night. They came out of their stalls crippled with hoof pain the next morning.  This could easily have been permanent and usually is.  We lasered both horses. By the next day they were about 80% improved and by the end of the week they were 100% sound again.  I know the normal veterinary protocol for this condition and there is no way that without the laser either horse would be sound.  The normal treatment course would have been too slow and the bone inside the hoof would have rotated.  My daughter will be forever grateful.  She went on later to compete on a national level with him, but more important than that the laser saved her best.  Thanks again."

  Linda Elkins, Breezeway Performance Horses


"I use my Omega Laser all the time - it works wonders when it comes to wound-healing in particular."

  Terry Girling, BSc BVetMed MRCVS


"I just haven't stopped since I got my Omega Laser system - bowed tendons just go down before your eyes."

  Jayne Flook, Belvoir Equine, Melton Mowbray, UK








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